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1on1 web cam. My pain brings you freedom. But now I turn to you for the last time.
I met him. His Devil. Innocent soul that lives in me, redolent under his gaze. I love him.
Probably more than life. And you never believed that I love you. But perhaps rightly so, because I can not even believe myself.

Nobody ever.
And how you meet the spring? I – sitting on the bed next to another corpse. I will not name him.
What do I want? Why kill? In my soul settle doubts. Will I be without your love? I hesitate between Thy Thy life and death. Killing people, I dedicate you their dying eyes and scream.

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Silence and stillness. Previously, I was screaming, writhing. Now I sit and slightly staggered drill look in the bathroom wall. Walls are falling. I’m not home. I see you, you’re next, warm and so dear. Loving. But a few hours later, I again find myself in my bathroom. I’m sorry for all these snot, I’m crazy.

Or what? Killer? Deceased moral being? Error?
You hypnotize me more than the moon. Ideal You – the light that beckons the soul. Warms. As the fire butterfly. I think it is not necessary to tell you that it will happen. In the darkness comes to me my devil.

I lick his neck and feel his blood in itself. He’s poison, and I poisoned. I do not care. I – a robot. I can not think, can not feel. Without feelings – means no pain and frustration. Do not play games, then just do not lose.
I’m in the bathroom again. At that time. Maybe I’m crazy?

Maybe long dead? Too many questions. Time to go. Wash the blood and kill the smell. 1on1 web cam.

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