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Free sex chat c2c.

Free sex chat c2c. Mila has shrunk in the bathroom and lowered her head.
I made hot milk, called Dima and returned to the bath. Mila cried softly.
- Come on now sing vymoeshsya, and then we’ll talk. Dima will arrive in half an hour.

Girl obediently ate, I took her empty cup and gently began to rub her shoulders with a soft washcloth. Mila looked at me anxiously.
- I think you’re too weak, that she would clean up well ka, relax. – Mila although not turned away, I washed it so gently as I could, I can not say I do not get pleasure from the fact that she could see her naked, but I tried not to embarrass her. I put her in her bedroom just before you came Dima.
- What are you doing to her, I do not always like it Prade in the supine position.
- Forever? You are her only the second time you see. – I protested.

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- It does not matter, because what happened then? – He asked.
- She decided to go to the city … – I replied for the girl.
- Foot? And lost? – Dima I inquired, looking hands and feet Mila. The girl nodded almost imperceptibly.
- And then what happened? – I asked.
- I went back on their footsteps and hid in the garage.
- And why not go home? – Dima asked, continuing her look.
- I. .. I’m afraid … – she whispered.
- Stupid. – I said.

Dima finished viewing and Mila, having covered her with a blanket and looked at me.
- Rejoice that it did not work pneumonia. And do not imagine frostbitten limbs. How could you throw it on one track?
- She refused that I drove up to her city.

- Crazy, to the city far, especially in the midst of winter, and as you in the snow is not frozen??? Free sex chat c2c.

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