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Live webcam without regtration. Saturday night I hardly persuaded her to see me with a TV. Mila sat on the couch, I moved closer to her. She was involved with a film and do not pay attention to it, taking advantage of this, I gently hugged her shoulders. Mila turned and looked at me.
- Interesting movie. – I said, nodding at the TV screen. Girl noticeably nervous, and I pretended that the film is interested too. Gently stroking her shoulder, I sat down more closely. Hugged her and kissed her on the lips.

The girl stiffened and tried to push me.
- Do not. – She screamed and jumped.
- Honey is just a kiss. – I pulled her to the sofa.
- Diana, do not, I’m going to bed. – A girl out of the room and ran to him.
- Damn. – I swore.
Mila was asleep when I went into her room, I vypel and should not have come to her, but I could no longer restrain himself. I sat on the edge of the bed and bent down, kissed a girl.

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Mila did not wake up, gently stroking her, I lay down next. Mila stirred in his sleep.
- Shhh, I whispered, and began to caress her face, neck and shoulders. She sighed and opened her eyes.
- Diana, what are you? …
- Hush … – I kissed her again, Mila jumped up and huddled in a corner of the bed.
- Do not!
- You’re very attractive. – I said and pulled her to him. Sweet to sleep almost could not resist. I put her on the pillow and lay on top of her.

My hands have got under her pajamas, I felt her soft elastic chest.
- Do not! – She screamed and pushed me away. I did not expect this and fell off the bed onto the floor.
- You!!!
- Diane, I can not do this!
- Little bitch! – I got up and left, slamming the door.

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