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At that moment the bell rang. Someone rang the doorbell.
- You’re waiting for someone? – Morgan asked and looked at Max. But Max shook his head. Ivan too. Morgan went to the door. – Who’s there? – He asked.
- This is from the Police Department. In one of the houses of the area were stolen Scandinavian coins.

Hosts suspected neighbors. We must search your house …
- No … – Morgan replied.
- Otherwise it will be done by force, because citizens who observe the law has nothing to hide from the authorities.
- Come … – Morgan said the door wide open and just mouth wide open in a smile.
The policeman came in and started to see all the boxes in the room.

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He scanned the hall and entered the hall. There was a huge chest, he was sitting on Ivan. The policeman gestured at him, and Ivan opened the trunk. The policeman began to sort things lying inside and then he heard a rumble and eyes darkened …
- What the hell? Where did you get? – Morgan shouted.
He cried so much that Ivan did not even reminded him that he mentioned feature for the fourteenth time.

- Where those damn coins in that trunk? – Morgan shouted.
Max and Ivan were silent, not saying a word.
- So? Have decided to turn a small business without me? This is all the coins or is there?
Max and Ivan silent …
- I ask that all the coins or is there? There are three coins … there more?

- No, – said Max.
Morgan put the coins in his pocket and said:
- Forget about them, just like you forgot to tell me about them … Sexchat without registration.

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