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2cam chaet. You practically raped me her breasts, and now do not remember anything?
- I do not remember.
Mila blushed. Even through the tan on her face it was evident that it is red. Mila sat down and put my head on his lap. Top hung two swollen nipple and breast. Picture, which you can only dream of.
- You were good? And you were not here?

- Yes.
- Believe me, my joy has no limits.
- And maybe even?
- No, Honey, I have to go home.
- Is not this your apartment?
- No. This apartment … and basically what’s the difference what kind of apartment. But we can agree and meet. Here. Again.
- Let’s tomorrow?
- Let me leave you telefonchik, and you’ll call tomorrow at the same time. If we do not agree, at least chat. Do you agree?
- Agree.
Her “consent”, sounded like a plea. And the two of us, it was already known that this time tomorrow we’ll be together. She loved me, too, that adult and childish, shapely lady.

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All should dress. Again in white? No, I do not. Get dressed as a maid. I do not want a taxi driver molested. I want to relax, and even the mouth and everything else is hurt. What do you think, everyone needs a vacation, even a bitch like me.
Well, that’s wonderful sluzhanochka. Mila looks at me with admiration.

- In this form, you are hard to miss. If I, a man I would certainly seduced you.
- I need a vacation. After lengthy proceedings, on the field, which you mentioned. Call a taxi for me, with delivery of the drunk driver.
- But you’re not drunk.
- Yes? Now I will. Pour me a drink and myself, of course.

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