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Adult cam chats.

Adult cam chats. I hesitated to answer.
- Of course, it is possible – suddenly said Irina. – Just take off your shoes and you will do everything I say.
- Of course I will – happily cop replied, throwing shoes with socks.
- So. Now unbutton pants – Irina cop commanded. – And you, – she said to me – take off your pants.
I took off my pants and unbuttoned his cop uniform pants.
- Get the member – Irina cop ordered. He dutifully pulled out of his pants his dick.

At this time Irina turned back to me.
- Unbutton her bra – she told me. I have no words undid the clasp and my favorite remained alone in stockings.
- And now, on his knees, Arise, – she told me. – And you – this cop – Fingering, so that he saw.
The guy dutifully began to masturbate. Irina stood in front of me so that her charming pussy was right in front of my nose.

Adult cam chats.
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- Hips hug me, – she whispered. I wrapped his arms around her bare and smooth such charmingly warm thighs. Touched his lips to her pussy. Lord, what is it sweet!! Irina softly and groaned. Cop masturbated furiously, looking at us. I kissed, licked, nibbled her pussy lightly.

Irina threw one foot on my neck, moaning, sobbing periodically cried hoarsely: “Come on, suck, give me a sweet, my dear, well, more, more”! Suddenly she grabbed my shoulders, her whole body tensed, and she suddenly screamed loudly.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!!! – And suddenly my mouth gushed hot, salty stream of golden liquid. Ending, Irina suddenly peed and now, can not resist, I just peed in his mouth.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! – Kept yelling my favorite, and I swallowed convulsively golden liquid, without even thinking to break away from the source of pleasure.

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