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Chat online video sex. Do not even turn around. Entered. Called me. Tomio match, inform, where books and continue to smoke and drink. I say thank you, say tomorrow at the same time return. Agree. Leave. They came together that these two? Entered together into the entrance, came together.

Well at least not kissed and embraced. Although, with the second pokurolesit would be interesting.
All can now fall to the podium and do absolutely everything.
Maybe I should not have as a boy. A. What must be, will be.
Fatigue. Fatigue. Fatigue. Fatigue. Fatigue last week.

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I seem to fall asleep. The door is not closed. A. Here, except for me, TV and food, taking nothing. I fall asleep. I sleep.
The inventor of the mobile phone should be subjected to exquisite tortures and punishments. Because bell that rings now – is torture, and my condition is a punishment.

Who can call at this time? Although, at what time? But it’s not exactly Tanya. Up on her phone at me very glamorous ringtone.
- Oh. Tanyushenka. You’ve arrived in their jungle? How was your flight? How did you feel?
- Why did you not take the tube? I dialed the third time. Probably already under muzhik squirm, but to me and do not care?
- Tanya, my dear, to be honest, I’m dreaming …
- I do not doubt that you’re sleeping with someone just tell me? I know him?
- I just sleep. Without men. Last week me very tired.
- Such distortions Lizka, I did not expect from you.

- Tell me how are you? Not Tom dear.
- Are you a mother Otchumyelov there or slept. I’m still on the plane. Chat online video sex.

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