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Adult video chat room.

Adult video chat room.
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We parted again for a couple of hours.
They flew by. And here I am again already knocking on the door of an uninhabited, our island.
In the nose hit the sweet smell of strawberries and champagne. Hookah.
Evening whirled us his tenderness, a bluish haze of hookah and champagne. We gave each other affection and passion, as if not seen for several days.

Separation in a few hours for us was unbearable.
But even with all this insane desire, I again had to leave the island.
The fifth day.
The day went surprisingly fast and hectic. We almost all day doing procurement provisions, as planned a half day to spend together without leaving the island. Once again, I organized a tour of the city and winter on several of our popular shopping. I tried to capture on camera Ilya everywhere in the city, that would leave memory.
During the day I left him again, but came back only at night.

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On our island was already late at night, but that did not stop us give each other pleasure and tenderness.
The sixth day.
Sun lit up the island with warm light. Morning. The morning I meet with my Ilyusha. His eyes closed, he was asleep. Gently wake up, that would not wake him up, and head into the bath. A few minutes bring myself up and go to the kitchen.
Hot tea burns the lips.

Ilya was first in the bath, then into the kitchen. Silently poured myself some tea and sat down.
-Get enough sleep? – I asked him.
He did not answer, but only looked at me reproachfully. Meal ended in silence, and in the living room, I asked him again.
-Ilya, why are you silent?

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