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Chat hot.

Chat hot. Go back to work, the boss said sarcastically – if need be, I’ll call!
Passing by this bitch Marina, caught a cold, full of scorn look!
Yes, I do … What can I say … Now the news is that I – fag, and that the boss fucked me in the mouth smashed across the company!
Do not care! Lenka would only come back home!
More than a year from Lenka there was no hearing, nor spirit.
Chef regularly two or three times a week called me in and fucked in the mouth.

The office has all knew everything.
And about Lenka and me.
Guys my side.
I was disgusted with himself.
Elektronku rained every day on anonymous letters with insults. “Whore!” “Gandon” “reservoir for sperm” “Cocksucker!” “Faggot putrid!”
Passed me, very often somebody of men winked me, put her hand on his groin and did move your hips like planting a member!

Chat hot.
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Like Michael Jackson …
Chief promised to take me to the sauna, so I served them all a big company, fulfilling the blame for runaway wife … You bastard! And Lenka – bitch, bitch!
And this year, at the very New Year, December thirtieth, early in the morning, at five o’clock the phone rang.
I sleepily replied languidly:
-Sasha, it’s me! – Lenka was whispering
-Helen, my dear, where are you? I’ve been going crazy!
-You have long been crazy! Do not wait for me!

-Lenka, where are you? What are you talking about how it is not “wait”?
-In the Emirates. I married. And now I am a Muslim. And I’m waiting for the child. It’s your fault, do not have to give me at the mercy of those peasants! – Said in an angry whisper beloved wife.
-As – a Muslim? Chat hot.

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