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Chatrandomsekx. All that’s left to remove it thin pants and panties. She temporizing, still hoping that a stranger will change his mind and out of her apartment. Girl pinched herself. “It’s definitely not a dream.” The man looked at her and waited. His breathing quickened.
- Who are you? – Dasha asked quietly, pulling his trousers.
- From this moment you do not shalt no more sound, you’ll do what I tell you … – even in his ridiculous mask stocking-guessed his smile.

Dasha remained in shorts and stared at the man.
-Take them as well. Immediately …. – He said quietly, his voice trembling notes some strange tenderness.
Dasha, closing his eyes, rubbed his stomach to stop shivering and her fingers under the elastic panties, shoot them before another man did not want to, but it is exciting. She was in no hurry, and he did not hurry her, watching her every move.
- How do you horoshaaaa …. – stranger groaned.
His moan into her consciousness and spun millions of butterflies in my head.

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Letting her panties down, she stood up to remove them completely.
- Leave so …. – he whispered.
Dasha looked at him, but decided to obey him.
- Caress yourself, treat yourself fingers – already asked a man looking at a naked girl and not hiding his excitement that emerged in his trousers.

Dasha closed her eyes again and decided to just enjoy what is happening, somehow remembering the phrase: “If you are raped – relax and have fun.” Hands stroking her breasts and squeezing her she quietly sighed and dropped his hand lower, stroking her tummy. Chatrandomsekx.

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