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They argued heatedly about something for a while, but in the end, both entered the room.
I was a little confused when a new man, but she gently and with a smile reassured me, patted on the head. Then we were introduced to each other. Entered the man was her husband. His name was Julius B.. A big man with a small beard, cute smile, he summoned the trust.
He just came up and patted me on the head. Then we all drank tea and talked.

About them, I learned that they both work as teachers in high school. Have won awards and power (though I still did not understand what that means). In general, the dear people. Their children they have.
The man said: “I have a very interesting library. Want to see? ”
I’m not really interested in books, but the offer could not refuse.
While Nellie K. clearing the table, we walked into a room where there was a library.

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On the walls of the room were large closets with books. Located in the middle of a large, black, leather sofa and two armchairs.
I sat on the sofa.
- “What do you like to read?” – His question was not sudden.
- “Well, there all sorts of fairy tales with pictures …” – I hesitated, not knowing how to explain.
It was a lot of fun, colorful books.

He first showed me a beautiful book with colorful pictures.
I was thrilled! These pictures were really beautiful.
Showing the book, Julius B. crouched close almost right next to me. I felt the warmth of his skin body.
He actively looked told me of fairy tales.

I listened to him in delight, with bated breath.
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