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Chapter 5
George eyes
The apartment was depressingly empty.

I wandered from corner to corner, reminding himself cornered beast in a cage. Maybe it would be better to stay at the party and get drunk? Or pick up any damsel …
I collapsed on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Well why I was so worried about “date” with this Kira Timo? Maybe this time we went too far? Why we needed to argue about this “ideal” guy?
Sound key turning in the lock made me jump on the bed.
- Cyrus?
She was pale and some confused.

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I had not seen such a sister.
- Something wrong?
Kira looked at me and pursed his lips in his usual grin. Confusion and helplessness instantly disappeared, and I even doubted whether they were once generally.
- Nothing worthy of your attention, about George, my great lord! – Mockingly sang Cyrus, taking off his jacket.
- How are relations with Timo?
- All great – Cyrus threw expensive jacket on the floor.

She never knew the value of things. – We have been with him for almost best friends. A little more – and it will crawl at my feet.
- So you think that you have enough of the month? – I looked at her skeptically. Cyrus was fine, it was impossible to resist the sexuality, but a few conversations with Timo made me begin to doubt this.
- Of course, – said coldly Cyrus, taking off her blouse. When a hickey on her back, I remembered something.
- Yesterday you were guilty.

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