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Wait a few seconds and strain. Before me laid down on the floor for a few items flagelyatsii: tennis racket, timing, bamboo stick.
Each of these subjects had to punish Mr. me 10 strokes. I thought out loud beats. Changing the subject again and score first.
-One, two, three, four, five, six ….
-It seemed to me that the bill should be more than 10? Or am I mistaken?

With the change of subject, I started whipping through negligence account again.
-Well, apparently you can count only to 10 and 30 so we, and not get there. Well, let’s learn.
And punishment started again. Now I have counted the beats loudly in order, and so on until 30. After a while his hands were untied can, and I was allowed to omit them.
On a desert island for a long time of the night. I have to go, but I do not want to leave him.

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I sit at the feet of his Master gratefully look furtively at him.
Do not want to leave, but ……… necessary.
The fourth day.
In the morning frost strongly. Sky, covered with steel clouds seemed ready to fall and crush under a city.
Carefully open, brother-in-law and enter. Ilya sleeps. Smiling.
-Good morning, my dear.
Touching lips ……. and a long and passionate kiss.

Today we’re going to our winter forest on the photo session.
Road to my favorite place takes twenty-five minutes. Cloudy weather did not affect our mood satisfied. Talk about anything, his accidental hand touch my knee, instilled in me excited.
We pulled off the road into the woods.

Carefully making his way between the snowy firs track, we moved away from the road. Free cam sex chat rounds.

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