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- I kiss you again, – I feel the fiery touch of his lips to my stomach – caress you – his fingers on his hips … and then words are not needed …
Two bodies intertwined. Two hearts, striving to meet each other. Two souls, looking each other in different realities. Sweat trickling down the bodies … smeared, potekshie mascara under her eyes … adhered to the face and neck hair … groans … screams … affectionate and kisses … sharp movements in the desired body … pant and enveloping silence …

- Do not go … – I whisper.
- Do not go away.
Just a coincidence, pure coincidence. Only the intersection of the worlds. Only sanctioned realities. Just an anomaly when two people on different sides of the world opened the door and entered the room … in one room.
And then at Ifin find hallucinations caused by nervous exhaustion.
And only then Timo notice that his friend has changed.

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And then David will find a tumor in the head, which overlaps the bloodstream, causing his imagination paints pictures, characters, events which are not. And then the doctors will make a verdict – life chances almost there.
It was only later in his diary Ifin find records of David, who came to her more than once.
And only then, after the death of David friends will find a diary where they will know that the last time he was suffering, suffering hallucinations continuing for mercy and calm, but not getting them.

And only then, when Ifin will spend days sitting in the corner of his snow-white chambers, swaying from side to side, like a mantra chanting only one name – David, Greg realizes that this man was very important for Ifin. Freecam to cam sex chat.

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