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So time dragged on, these guys lit with their “girls” and one day gargoyle said:
- They have become tired, Atlanta, come here quickly.
Stas got out of bed and walked over to him.
- Atlant languages you know?
- German a little, but what?
- Come talk with my friend in German – and pulled his cock out of his pants. All neighing.
Stas squatted down between his legs and took his cock in hand.
- Fucking see, yes he is working … – shouted one.

- Shut your mouth, it’s not for you right? – Gargoyle said. – Let’s take it Atlant!
Stas took the head in his mouth. Penis was small and smelled strongly of urine.

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But Stas sucked it all already, Gargoyle took his head and began to stick on his penis a little bit more and then he pulled his cock out of his mouth and began to masturbate Stas face. That’s the first drop directly on the hair, the other on the cheek, and the third on the lips.
- Lick it! – Gargoyle said.
Stas collected sperm hands and licking them. Gargoyle then turned his pants pulled with Stas and rubbed his cock and pressed into the hole, and that head was easy, since it is still some sperm.

Then came one of the spectators, and pulled out his dick and shoved it right into her mouth Stas. And he began to smash deep into his throat and vomited here Stas …
It was horrible …
- Idiot! What the dick? – Gargoyle said, pulling his dick out of your ass Stas.

He dressed, pants came up to him and a few Ranges fist and he lay with a bloody face. And as if nothing had happened again, put him in the ass Staskinu. No registered sex cam chat.

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