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We returned home
Along the river on the easier
And sat down to smoke
Do oak stump.
And then my friend lips, dressed on my dick.
Not that boded
Just such a change.
My wife was asleep,
What’s in the hut there is no me,
Waiting at the door
Added fire.
Stand in a pose witty! Take off your pants!
Strap on the bare ass.
Away in the corner on the beans!
About liberties with Sergey
Learned and my father.
Per room, in the garden
Gave me a fucking!
At the end of my rope, he tightly tied
And for a between the beds,
Ruthlessly dragged.

Then, in the bushes with nettles,
I stood for half an hour
And right in the buttocks stung by a wasp!
But everyone there did not care
malignancy on wasps.
Strap on the bare ass.
Stand in the corner on the beans!
In winter trip
mistress found.
With flowers and champagne
I came to her room.

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She, oh right! Do not ask why not!
Sit down at the table soon!
We’ll drink wine!
For glasses, other
And so went the process!
Hand his shameless,
Bra under it useful.
It burned like shouting: “Take off your panties!”
Strap on the bare ass.
Stand in the corner on the beans!
Smacked me hurt
Rope clothesline
My moan involuntarily
Expired dog howl.
Then on the elbows in the bath, I stood for an hour.
So under a cold shower
I cooled the ass!
I forgot the night
Chained to a pipe
With salt water -
Ass in a bucket.
A half past six in the morning – the rise as the mowing.

Strap on the bare ass.
Stand in the corner on the oats!
She was really,
Army foreman
The whole theme seemed-
Pitch war.
No heats the cold drifts in squat.
With a lighted candle in the pope,
Crawled on his belly! Sex webcam onlıne.

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