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Strap on the bare ass
And in the corner on the peas!
But all his Oksanka
I am more gratified -
Back Massage did
Knees kissing
Zavistnitsy others frowned noses.
In the forest, I caught
And inserted pussy!
In the camp, the sea
In June resting
And in the city without permission,
Before the evening was gone.
While a person falling, I was standing at the table,
Counselors decide
How to punish me.
One said angrily:
Sorry can not be flogged!
Eyes undressing,
He looked at me.
Now would be paternal, pull his pants.
Strap on the bare ass

Yes, in a corner on the beans!
And almost all counselors
Did not come out the brains!
I silently took off his shorts
Shirt and pants.
And on the chair seat I got kneed
Stared at the floor with his hands
And the priest lifted.
Not long tormented adults
Such unexpected stress.

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Kohl counselor Roslov
For a stick in the closet useful.
Let’s get together, together, having studied tomboy
Give him on the behind
And in the corner of the porch!
Flogged before curfew
I roared like a cat.
And during a break naked,
Sat on his haunches.
With his hands on his head, walked around the room,

And with books in her hands
Squatting on a chair!
Mad extravaganza
Reached the ceiling!
Dragged by the scruff
I went from hand to hand.
By Alexandra counselor on their feet stomach
Hundred times my palm!
Stand in the corner at the table!
What used to hide from the authorities

Such a cool batch.
Six on zheltenky
I was taken into the woods.
And for an hour at a maple, I stood with cancer!
People drowned vodyaru,
In turn tore!
Screwy Marina
Idea filed:
It is not a bad posture
He invented then! Chat no registration cam.

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