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Crossdressing gay cam chat. Tired after a tiring, exhausting match, now he walked in happy, relaxed state.
Suddenly a deafening blow to the head. Losing consciousness, he had noted a strong, but at the same time, a strange kick …

Far … … … somewhere far away … in a deep well, as it seemed, were given blank, muffled voices. Someone grabbed his arms and head … or it seems ….
He opened his eyes.
Some people jostled around him and anxiously asked about his health.
- “All is well” – Anton replied softly and slowly, with the help of strangers, rose to his feet.
But the sound of his own voice, for some reason seemed empty. Strange …. …

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Something else strange … head … hard. What are they talking about? Sunstroke? Probably …
And unhooked from passersby, he went himself. … My head was buzzing. No, no buzzing, and some weight in it. Probably tired …

After walking a few tens of meters from a familiar area, he was in his native yard, where I grew up and knew every crack on the wall, every stone underfoot. Courtyard surrounded by three-storey houses of the old buildings. But the apartment is considered, almost elite, because of the high ceilings and large rooms.

Here lived either hereditary southerners, or new Russian.
The apartment where he lived with his mother Anton and sister Dashko, located on the ground floor. From his mother he knew that this luxurious apartment has got it from my grandparents. Grandfather in the old days was obkomovskim worker. Then got this accommodation. And now, if not selected, it will not be disturbed.

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