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Timo continued to stretch his friend … David was on the brink and softly moaned …
- Timo …
Timo has himself could not wait … He took it with a flourish, hot, powerful … and had time to hold David’s mouth to muffle his cry.

Timo scared froze it, fearing that hurt him, but then I saw that David was just incredibly happy. And Timo proceeded, over gently and slowly …
“You know how much I love you?”
“How could I sleep every night with a new” one-time “fan?” – Flashed through my mind Timo – “Really it was me?

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No, it was not me! I love David! And do not ever throw it! ”
“As I used to live without it?” – David thought, – “with anybody and I never felt like that! I just now realized this … ”
- Timo, I love you! I love you! Love, do you hear?

I will not give you to anyone! – Whether whispered, or shouted David.
- And I … I … I feel the same … – Timo said, moving faster …
Pleasure was unbearable … Timo David felt every cell of his body, his every advance in it accompanied by a loud groan of pleasure.

Number endomorphin beyond any reasonable limits, the guys have almost nothing to think … Timo speed was increasing, forcing David to moan even louder …
- Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Yes! Love you! Already … almost … EVERYTHING!
Boys finished simultaneously.

Timo helplessly collapsed on David, and when the last convulsions of orgasm subsided, Timo rolled onto his back, hugged each other and the next minute they slept like a log …
Eyes of David
Chapter 6
In the morning I barely unstuck eyes. Cybersex gay chat.

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