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Not forcing myself to beg further Nastya graceful gait from the hip paraded into the living room.
- Look how her ass wagging – brother whispered to me – Oh, I feel it Entrust us …
- Nice girl – I agreed.
Entering the room, Nastia thriftily flopped in my chair.
- Tea? Coffee?

Shall we dance? – Helpfully suggested she Andron.
- Vodka, beer, lie down! – In the same tone guest replied, gracefully crossing his leg. It became apparent that she was not even wearing tights and stockings. Well, the less fuss is.
- Oh! That more thing! – Admired Konchalovsky.
- Already a mother gave birth.
- Well, if you like vodka – can and vodka.

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- Then it is better than wine. Or one hundred grams of cognac.
- As you wish.
- Oh! Is you have drawn?
Judging by the way she abruptly changed the subject, in her field of vision got hanging on the wall a reproduction of an old engraving. It haired witch inquisitors tortured, while suffering a distorted face of a young urban women and happy faces of the executioners were drawn with amazing authenticity.

- Not a monk medieval. We do not know how.
- What a mess! – Repeated Nastya – What are they doing to her?
- Uncles – inquisitors. The girl – a witch. And what they do with it, is called water torture.
- Ah, of course! And why her belly so big? Pregnant?
- After this torture, all a bit paunchy obtained – sehidnichal Konchalovsky – This is the same count as Bucket enema!

- Tin – concluded Nastya – What’s that – a movie camera?
- Exactly.
- Why?
- Movie shoot will. With you in the starring role.
- Wow!
- Here is your brandy, mademoiselle. Fatcam chat.

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