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He walked silently to women, and bit his lips wide open between the legs of Svetlana widely. She moaned invitingly like to moan female.
Lena patted the back of her husband, and he nodded his wife pointed out lies Light.
- Caressed her breasts, I want to see this ….
Lena leaned against his chest Svetlana and her tongue skillfully zalaskat. Svetlana arched, lifting the spine from the bed. Sergey also stared at her bosom and licking her clit sucked into his mouth, circling it around and pushing it in the wet sponge.

- Ah ….. ahhhhhhh – moaned Light wave of hot orgasm licked her dearest and resulted through tightly compressed hole of her vagina. Sergei licked it all to dryness, causing trembling every movement language.
- Who I first put my ass? – He asked playfully.

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Both women knelt, turning to him buttocks, leaving him the choice.
He stroked them both by priests, forefingers meeting with holes of his wife and the world simultaneously. Women wagged his buttocks, waiting to whom he will give preference.
Lena felt as he stared at her and pushing a little, he found himself in, tighten the muscles of her vagina.

He earned pelvis ramming wife in front of Svetlana. She kept her eyes on them, and decided to join his breath. She licked her breasts, gently caressing her nipples. Sergei, feeling myself at the moment the lord of the world, he loved his wife deeply and strongly.

- Svetonka … get on your knees and you, too, – he growled.
She stood up, and he abruptly came out of the womb of a hot wife, and ran in Svetlanin depth. Hot girl live chat free.

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