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Live video sex chat. On the way out we caught a look of surprise manager and waitress startled look. But our faces were impassive.
We had no more than twenty minutes. On the table were already sweet rolls and fruit tea.
We had long suppressed laughter. We were able to throw out the emotions only when eaten, paid and went outside.

The road to the station took us a few minutes.
Voice announced the arrival of the train and landing, brought us back to reality. Station, a crowd of people and time, which for us has expired. We silently went to the platform.
I stood there, buried him in the stomach, and he kissed my hair. I have made enormous efforts, that he would not see my tears. I raised my eyes …

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I can not believe what I see. My man is crying …
-do not, I beg you, – I said, in a trembling voice, and no longer able to hold back her tears.
- Kiss me.
He leaned over and drowned me in her sweet kiss. I was afraid to let go, but ……
-Passengers hurry!
Conductors stentorian voice, as if ripped our touch.
Ilya hurried into the car. Few minutes the train was standing in the shower and flashed hope that everything is a dream.

Now I wake up and find myself with him on a desert island.
But I was wrong. Car twitched nervously and rolled slowly, picking up speed. Minute I walked behind him, then not much for himself moved into a run … until the platform is not over … I stopped.

Tears choked me, but I knew I had to say it to Ilya. With trembling fingers, I dialed his number on your phone. Toot, toot yet.
- I love you Ilyushenka. Live video sex chat.

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