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Sexs vidio chat. How – child? From whom?
-Do not you care? You told me that I had a baby from this scum Ter-Hovhannisyan. Do you remember?
-Lena, but I did not think it was serious …
-Everything in life seriously! A child in my husband. He loves me!

And does not give as dishwater tub for just anyone!
-What other “tub”? Remember Theodosius our honeymoon! Remember what are you doing in school! Eblas with students with physical trainer on the mats in the gym! I made you do it? Remember that the actor in the train! I made you whore?
-You see!

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For you I was always only whore! And I would love!
-Yes, if I did not love you, did not I would have lived with you? – I yelled into the phone
-Beloved wife does not give his boss!
-Yes you did it myself! The first gave him a bitch! Then, in the toilet! And yet at the hotel!
-He attacked me!

Why did you not protect his beloved wife?
-In the ladies’ room or what? What are you talking about? You all turned inside out to accuse me! I loved and love you! And I want you to come back to me!
-Late! I am a strange woman! I can not even talk to another man, for it is women are killed! Stones!

-I no longer Helen! My name Zarema. Everything. Goodbye! Remember, you are the one to blame!
What can I say?
Yes, the one to blame.
Am No
Stepfather was at work. Mum took the next customer.
Asked me to sit in the kitchen, not to look into the room.
Why look, and so all I could imagine the sounds.

That rustling dress – mom undressing.
Here it loudly and happily smacking – sucks dick peasant. Sexs vidio chat.

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