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Video chat free asian random. Now the story itself – from the 1st person interesting.
Sweet dreams rudely interrupted thick nurse. Said to need bypass sdelast drip.
Had to wake up and give her a hand. Until the liquid dripping, I upel again good nap.
Through slumber heard someone changes something. Finally had to wake up – much like the toilet. I started to get up and then vpomnit that not all so simple: hand locked in her needle, and the needle in me flowing stream of liquid.

Badly wanted to write – first everything that had accumulated over 8 hours of sleep, and secondly, I already poured liter.
The first desire is to rip and run to the toilet unable to put down, and I began to assess the situation. The toilet like much, but tolerable. But in the “cage” was already 4 bottles and just started the third.
Gathered the blanket between her legs, was glad to sleep in sweatpants – will not have to waste precious time on dressing and prepared to tolerate when a nurse comes to change bottles – then otproshus the toilet.

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I must say that the end of the third, I waited with difficulty and told myself not to relax – it is necessary to be more to the toilet dochapat (already seriously considered the option to pee in the shower). But change came dropper PCP. Never really embarrassed, but he said nothing.
Once he came out, start berating yourself for no reason.

Dripping bottle for about 15-20 minutes, and the bird life 2-3 minutes. In drip anesthetic was something, otherwise the pain I would have peed or pereryvchik or still have begged. Video chat free asian random.

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