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Www free chat sex mobile.

Www free chat sex mobile. Remember. And if I look in a friend? Do you mind? We poebem your wife, you pososesh us! Cool off!
-No. I do not mind. Come.
-Agreed! Wait for a visit! Okay, let’s get out of here. We here still have fun with your wife.
-Tell her that I was coming, worried …
-Say. She will be glad! Caring husband! – He said, and laughed loudly brazenly. -You are, most importantly, work in the morning do not be late, and that Levan angry! Ha ha ha!
And the door slammed shut.
I came to work half an hour earlier.
Chief, of course, was not.
And he did not come at nine, and ten.

It simply was not there!
That’s the same bastard! This pig has not appeared, and after dinner …
Returning home, I saw that his wife did not appear here
The next day, coming to work, I learned that the boss in his office. I immediately knocked him
-What he wanted? – He asked me sullenly
-Learn. Where is Lena?
-I do not know. Vazgen took her.
-Where … away?

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-How would I know? Took and took. Go away, I’m not up to you! Baska splits! Go on, say, work!
Two more days passed.
Lenka has not returned home.
On Friday, I was summoned by the boss.
-Yes, Levan Ashotovich?
-Hey, Logunov. You do not look for a wife. She left.
-Where to go? With who?
-With some bloke, I do not know him. Vazgen given him for his birthday.
-That he gave?
-What, what! – Yelled chef – your wife presented, asshole! Some meat cutters from the market. In short, the right person. A gift was not. Here Vazgen and invented, to give your whore. At the time of course.

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