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Free online chatting sex. I’m no fool, I was reinsured, okay?
- Yes …
- Please take into consideration!
- Yeah!
- Come at 17:00 near the Yunus-Abad bridge from the market!
- Okay!
- I repeat, no nonsense!
- Good!
Well, here. Check the balance. Damn, almost 50 cents naboltal hell. Well, okay, it’s worth it. Since time was 15:00, and I was going left home. Since the ride was far away. There I had an empty apartment where my mother arranged a botanical garden. All the flowers that were at home, she took a day there and came back to water them …
And now 17:00.

I’m standing at the bridge. Where is he.
- Hi! – I heard a sad voice.
I turned and saw a boy. It was him. But I would not tell him that he’s 19 years old. 17-18 from power. Short hair, 175 cm, thin, but beautiful. Plump lips, so that in one `s like. His passport I certainly did not take at all.

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You did not describe himself, by the way … I am 178 cm, thick, black hair with green eyes. Many people say that I look like Dima Koldun, and it flatters me!
- Hi! – I replied. – Well, he is ready?
He nodded his head, although it did not look convincing!
- Let’s first go out to eat! Do you mind? – I said.
- No, – he said.

- Yes, even if there were still would have gone! Today you’re my whole day. Told the parents that you will not?
- Yes!
- Wow, damn, how clever you are! Well, let’s go!
I worked as an adjuster electronic office equipment. Recently graduated from college. Since now nowadays nowhere without it costing, work has always been thus, and money. So I took him to a restaurant …

- Tell me about yourself – I said to him, when we sat at a table in the restaurant. Free online chatting sex.

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