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Gay cam chat sex.

Gay cam chat sex. He showed some interesting tools, and explained what they were.
- Well Olenka, you want to become a real priestess of love, willing to learn what I saw – I asked Yura.
I agreed. He put me on a chair, put predomnoy mirror so I could see his genitals. Tell us more about it:

So these tools than were noted. Adapt itself was twenty centimeters in length, and was an extension cord to be able to continue to push. There were different clips, sucker. Yura said:
- In women should be large: the lips on the vagina, clitoris and nipples and wide hole, it gets men. I’ll do the royal holes. But only if she want, – Yura, of course, could be persuaded.
I nodded and thought, “It is better to do it in abundance, than at the station with anyone, and you want it or not, even in the face sometimes shlopochesh.”

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He taught me how to wash clean holes, as he said, “In order to shine.”
He began his studies with the anus, introduced me to the instrument and began to stretch. I saw that sphincter tightly wrapped tool, but inside felt all stretched. Since my chest is almost not there, and there were small nipples. He hugged my breast tape, it just stuck nipples on them hooked suction cups. Just clings to the clitoris suction cup and the lips of the vagina soft pegs and hung them on the weights. So the first week he worked my ass, nipples, clitoris and lips by adding a lot of weight to not clothespin.

Every day he worked me two to three hours, several times a day, but at the end of the day made him a blowjob. He did it so neatly did not hurt, I felt like ass every day becomes wider and deeper inside and outside the sphincter remained untouched. Gay cam chat sex.

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