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Gratis skype sex chat.

Gratis skype sex chat. the pain … my cry … his laughter … good bye to Tselkov … fear … darkness … I do not understand what’s happening?
I woke up in the dark as hell porch. Ache in the lower abdomen.
- ahhh …. Help-I cried … but then I noticed that it was not locked, and what that house. I did not understand what happened to me, where am I?
- where am I? – I cried
- quiet – I was approached by Vova okay, do not worry.

- where am I? – I repeated the question.
- at my house-he replied meekly
- more precisely in my basement-added Vova
- why should I tell you?
- selling sexual slavery
- do not
- need baby, it is necessary, even more so today I have come to the party and friends, many friends, and they need a striptease slut …!

Gratis skype sex chat.
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- and how much you have such victims like me?
- until three 17 friends and I, we have 18!, but I need 36 girls
- oh, my
Three hours later he threw me in the cellar for another 35 girls. I told them all about what will happen to us. Evening, I did not want a very long time … but it will come.

17 people came to him and he said, 18 people
Terrible happened, they made all of us to dance, and then every skhapal currently two pieces of girls and started to fuck us … fucked forced to suck … I was terribly bad, I have chosen the best sosalshitsey and forced to suck on 30 minutes, 18 people and otrazali me … was terribly painful, disgusting and horrible!

I do not remember how I got back into the basement.
But still I managed to escape, but they caught me and raped, thrown.
A month later I was sent to the house of whores, sold more precisely. Gratis skype sex chat.


Gratis skype sex chat.
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