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I covered her with his hands and leaned back comfortably. Is closer to the terminus hitchhiker got the money from the black leather purse, got up and headed for the exit. I got up and went for it. Girl came up to the driver and handed him fares.

-Stop, please, before the traffic lights, – she said quietly. Her voice was very low and gurgling, even lower than me, but at the same time very soft and attractive.
The driver stopped a minibus and my beautiful hitchhiker cautiously went into the cool darkness of the street. I silently handed the money to the driver and quickly jumped out of the bus catching amazing stranger.

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Only now, in the silvery moonlight, I was able to appreciate the amazing figure of a girl: she was quite a bit shorter than me, rising about 185, had broad shoulders, thin waist, smooth, slim hips, a small, round ass, and rounded like two small melons, second breast size. As she is beautiful, not just a girl, but a goddess! And I’m a very ordinary man and me with it did not shine.
-Hey, girl, stop – I shouted after her.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa, – repeated echoes.
Beautiful stranger turned and gave me his charming toothy smile.
-What’s your name? – Even tone she asked.
-I Savic, and you? – I said, and smiled.
-My name is Angela, – she replied quietly.
-What a beautiful name, my favorite, – I said happily and came close to her, gently put his arm around her waist.
-May be similar to my home and have tea and chat for souls – Angela suggested.
-With pleasure – I agreed.

All the way I was doing all sorts of compliments in verse his new friend, here are some of them:
You are beautiful as an angel,
Amazing how light
Prettier than you in the world
There were no women and no
Your eyes sparkle like the sun
They clear emerald color
They are like two wells
Bottomless them the world is not
Loved you barely saw

And I will continue to love you
Let someone will hate me
But a day without you I can not live
In the world there are many wonderful miracles
Lakes, rivers, buildings, bridges
Of these, only seven oglasny
But as the eighth wonder of you-
Soon we came to her house.

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