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Mobilesex chat.

Mobilesex chat. I was home! – He replied.
I knew this kid from the very young age. Then when he was 5 years old.
- Stas, do not lie to me! – I said.
And he told me everything … That’s what happened! (About the future, I notified by the story of Stas and Max).
Stas went to Max. Max was at home and learn that Stas from me, invited him to come to him.

Stas went.
- Must pay for the drive! – Max said.
- What?
- Popochkoy! – Max said, and going to Stas, touched him on the buttocks.
Stas said nothing. It was a sign for a max. He sat on the chair and said to Stas approached him. Stas came up and began to unbutton Max his pants.

Mobilesex chat.
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From there he took a standing half a head member which is still covered foreskin. Max said to Stas knelt before him and took his head Stas, led her to its members.
- Suck! Take it in your mouth – said Max.
Stas moved a little closer and took his hand and his penis, pulling the foreskin, bared head. And clasping her lips for some time led to her tongue. Gradually increased member Max.

Stas swallowed deeper and gradually started doing translational movements of the head.
- Wait – said Max. – Now and then finish. Take off your pants and jeans.
Stas took all the underwear and Max turned his back to him and began to stick his penis. Stas was hurt! He shouted, but at home Max was nobody on the street and hardly anyone hears.

When the head has gone into it. Max gave Stas rest. And then flick hugged her and threw up all of his dick. Stas just fainted. Stas When he came to, he was lying on his side on the bed, and continued to wield his ass dick Max. Mobilesex chat.

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