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Randm sexchat.

Randm sexchat. Five. Have you talked – about six or seven. Who else have you missed from your list of stud?
-Still at work, a colleague Yuri physician and chief of Kohl …
-Mother, you’re a real whore!
Mom laughed! And then she said:
-And I’ve got you! My favorite stud!

Come on, lick my pussy, my son! Caress the tongue!
Crouched over me and spread her fingers outer lips of the vagina …
I cautiously tongue touched the hot, moist, pink flower …
Began to lick the clitoris bump …
Mom moaned with happiness!
After a few minutes she started moaning and nothing lay down. I hugged her hips and stroked silk legs! Nevertheless female legs – is that what a miracle! Stroked and petted them, without ceasing!

Randm sexchat.
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-Oh my God, I am the happiest mother in the world! Son, I love you! My man, my joy!
Mom put her hands on my face and started kissing me fervently cheeks, lips, forehead!
-And you’re my woman, my whore!
-Do not get married longer, son! I want you to belong to me and only me!
-Yes fig my wife, Mom?

Me and the girls, it is now on the side! I have such a cool chick – you! You have such a tasty pussy!
-You, however, like to me? Your dick was sweet in my pussy?
-Well, of course! I will not lie, I fucked a lot of girls, but no one was as sweet as you, Mom!
-Son is my favorite! Thank you! But today you have to try my ass and between her breasts!

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