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Um video chat sek.

Um video chat sek. Although I did not stretch this story! It’s like a Harry Potter book, authored by JK Rowling, but where am I to her? In addition to the detectives began to communicate (and active) with others (also not traditional orientation) and learn about their moments of life. And with their permission to narrate to you! Here’s another story:
This story I told my neighbor. He’s 25 and he as I learned recently, too gay. He lives next door. His name is Max.

Just in my house lives a boy named Stas. He will be referred to in the following (new) parts “Seksografii.” Stas studying in seventh grade and, therefore, he is about 13 years. I gave him a disc with four parts of the movie “Saw”. After a while he gave me the drive and asked, as if I have a fifth (as we know it came out almost recently). I replied that I had, it’s not, but it is at Max. I explained to him where he lives.
- Tell Max that I sent you! – I said.
- Well, – said Stas and ran to him.

Um video chat sek.
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- Come then to me – I said through the window.
- Well, – he said.
Stas was a very handsome boy. If he was not younger than me, I would already be something with it would be muddied, but I am 18 and he is 13. I’m looking for someone who would be older than me. I so reliable. Stas but still I liked it.

Blonde boy with a beautiful smile ozorlivoy, pink lips, with a pretty nice body and beautiful legs. Be fucked and fucked! Stas all was not and was not. An hour passed, and the two have three hours … but it came with a disk!
- Where have you been so long? – I asked.
- I forgot to come to you!

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