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Lesbian 1 on 1 video chat.

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Lesbian 1 on 1 video chat.

Lesbian 1 on 1 video chat. And there you have “theme” for the next meeting:
Set the tone from the first minute – order the bare bottom and take the position of “wait” (“lower” already knows what he must do – take everything from the bottom to the waist and kneel in front of you with his hands on his head). Briefly explain that today will be a “test of pain.” For this we need to stand up to the most painful position in which the skin is taut buttocks as possible – knees on a chair, his hands on the floor.

Begin the most painful “percussion instrument” – a whip or cane. Each shot should be stronger than the previous one. Cumulative effect as long as the “lower” will say: “Stop!” (Depending on the frequency and intensity of subsequent meetings, the pain will increase chapel).

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