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Free online sex chating. Even if as you say, you just knocked them except me and your lawyer will not believe that you’re so small, brittle, destroying them – these hefty fellow. Here you also get the gun! Understand, I want to help you! I believe you! In my case is not the main plant you, and find the culprit …
- Well, I told you everything …
- Okay, now go down the lawyer, tell him everything that had happened.

He went out. A few minutes later came the lawyer, if it can be called that. It was a beautiful, young lawyer about 23-24 years. It was evident that he had recently graduated from college.
- Hi! We have so little time and get to the point – he said.
- Well – handed Stas, never taking his eyes from the lawyer.

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- My name is Maxim. And you?
- Stas, for you Stasik.
- Uh-uh, thank you for Stas … well let’s shorter to start tell …
- About Me? I’m 20 years old, not long ago graduated from the sport …
- Stas! Stasik … You do not understand? You face prison. Get down on the ground. It’s not funny, you hung on five …
- Well, I walked up to me, they got to the bottom, I punched them, they fell and I went home, and this morning I presented all of this … well, that Max is there to tell? So what? Is not it clear that someone struck them after me?

I did not kill them, they do not need me to be, Max!
- Okay, calm down! Even so … You saw someone nearby?
- No.
- You saw them the first time?
- Phew-f …
- Stas calm down! Look, here we need any hair to catch! It’s very serious …
- Max I do not know … Honestly!
- Good! Free online sex chating.

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