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Sex-chat no registration. in his eyes …. They were strange, unfamiliar, bottomless … dark. …
- “I do not want to eat!” – For some reason he said firmly.
- “.. Okay … How do you say …” – she, like, froze in a dream, a dream stringy …
Anton stared at his mother. Usually live and resistant, it now seemed inhibited or upset. Rather, as ingrained! … How strange.

Such a mother he has not seen. But calm, lazy indifference caused him to retire to his room.
A mother and remained standing in the kitchen doorway with a radiant ladle in hand.
Already entered into his room, he stopped and thought. Strange kind of mom today. Tractable … First she treated him not as a child and as an adult.

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It pleased him. The next moment he was cold and grinned slyly.
Morning breaks through … imperfectly curtained window, blindingly bright beam illuminating part of the bed. Anton moved, stretched, and opened his eyes. Then got up and sat on the edge of the bed, his legs dangling and slightly hunched over, sat there for a while, listening to the new sensations.

Something is wrong! The boy began to feel fresh and your body and your own consciousness. If he has matured in one night! Strange was the fact that the surrounding objects he had seen in a new light now. Strong … thirsty …
He stood up and, without changing clothes, right in pajamas went to the kitchen.

It was Sunday. Mom was in no hurry to work in a private clinic, where she worked as a dentist. A nurse had not yet arrived.

In this family, so it was led from the old days – the status and situation of the family obliged to have in the house maid and nanny who looked after and brought up their children until they come of age. Sex-chat no registration.

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