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Wechat sexchat. I gratefully stroked her ass, and then stood up and said:
- I untie you now, just wait a bit.
And glad I went into the kitchen. There I picked up champagne and chocolate and returned to its beauty. Untying her hands, I said:
- And now you can relax, is located on the cushions, sipping champagne and kindle widely legs that was available to me your pussy.
She seemed even murmured something in response, but I did not hear, and all was waiting. Finally, Alice sat on the bed and spread wide knees straight from the throat made as sips of champagne.

I eagerly began to stroke her hand between her legs, where it was hot and humid.
- You polizhesh me? – She asked quietly.
- Yes, – I whispered passionately and pressed his lips to her wet pussy and alluring. She arched her back towards me, putting his treasure.

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My tongue tried hard on her excited Clito-Rochko and it madly loved her, she began to moan softly, and with his free hand stroking my head. Soon I felt the taste of alcohol in their own language, looking up, I saw that she slowly sheds champagne myself down the tummy and it flows in a thin stream into my mouth. I became just suck it kisulya language and my movements became faster.

Feeling her shiver, I knew she was close to orgasm. So I sat up a little whispered:
- I drunk your Kisonka
And abruptly introduced her two fingers, she cried out in surprise, but soon zaohala when Chiki fingers quickly began to batter her pussy and tongue again continued his work.

Her orgasm was oglu-resolutely, across the room echoed her moan of pleasure. Wechat sexchat.

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