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Oh, how they did not like this answer … Why do I say that? And because if they liked it, they would not have punched me in the stomach. I bent down, grabbed his stomach, and four of them dragged me to the side garden. It was a backyard chicken coop, where the chickens are no longer there, but it all hang out often …

There was something to spread on the ground. They pushed me and I fell. It was some kind of mattress. Shout something or say I was scared and could not … As they dragged me, I realized that they have enough forces.

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- Islands, come on, you’re the first! – I heard a voice in this coop came the same redhead kid.
Frankly! Then I was not gay. I was clean and straight people that follow in the night I will use whatever you like, I did not think. Actually, I’m not so weak! If there were at least two, then I would have arranged them here fingalov heating and cuffs, but there is a third, and healthy, and this small … in a situation where three to one, this bastard can play a decisive role. So I just sat there and had no idea what will happen next!

- If you do everything we say, everything will be fine, and two hours later you will go home safe and healthy – he said. – Take me to the jersey!
I stood up and pulled off his shirt. By the way the coop was not small, about 2 to 3 meters and a height of about 190 cm, so there was a table, shelves and a pair of stools. I myself with friends here often met! And so I took off his shirt.

Before me was a thin body, but still quite slim.
- Kiss me! – Vova said. Chat room online free.

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