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But apparently the opinion of the editors was appointed to print it this photo.
The second picture is already inside the magazine, she triumphantly held in the hands of a side bowl of urine and inserted in her flowers. Although one might think that the flowers are in the water, but the water was not there.
All other photos in the preliminary openwork light but with boring frozen postures were selected and published here have been deposited in the personal portfolio for possible future use. It happened one summer when my wife and I once again went to visit her parents.

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Wife wanted mashed potatoes and she went to the store for milk. I stayed with my mother-in-one.

She went to the kitchen in a light dressing gown, not paying attention to me. I have long watched her. Adult, experienced, beautiful. Hungry!
We chatted niochem. And then she casually asked if I satisfy her daughter.
-”You’re my daughter normally fuck?”

From this question, I was taken aback, but his words are not useful.
-”And you try”
In response to my impertinence, mother-in-law spun on his heel and grabbed a cutting board, but noticing my stiffening member, shorts very strongly bristled, she put her arms up to me and knelt down.
-”Come on.

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