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Free random cam chat. She herself was pale as a sheet, her lips blue.
- Oh my God! – I murmured and began to raise a girl. Mila opened her eyes and looked at me.
- Cold … – she whispered.
- Of course cold, if you sit on the floor in a cold garage. – I took her to the house, she hung on to me, it was hard to walk.
- Come right up. – I helped her up and led her to the bathroom.
- Now get warm, accept the bathroom. – I began to remove her her wet and dirty coat until recruited bathroom. For sweater coat followed, I tried to unbutton her pants, but she pulled away from me.

- What clothes will wash?
- I myself. – She whispered. – I tried to undo the clasp itself, but frostbitten fingers it failed.
- Let me not be afraid, I do not ledyshek violence. – Mila was too unnerved to protest. I took off her shoes and jeans. Her feet were red from the cold. Socks completely soaked. Woman shaking from the cold.

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- Now. – I checked the water – Well, now well, the water was warm, so as not to damage the frostbitten skin.
- Let’s climb into the bathroom. – Mila stood in the middle of the bathroom linen and looked at me.
-So, is not up to it, the bathroom is alive! I did not excite frostbitten and dirty girl. – I went to her and pulled off her panties first, and then her bra. Mila instinctively covered herself with her hands. I took her by the hand and led him to the bathroom.

Mila she climbed into the tub and, wincing, fell into the water.
- Nothing will be easier now. – I patted her on the head. – Get some rest, I’ll bring you something to eat and call Dime. Free random cam chat.

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